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A few years ago, a very tall Dutch entrepreneur called Jorren was working as a lighting agent in Thailand. He loved lamps but hated wires. Seeing an opportunity to do away with them, Jorren wanted to start a brand of cool cordless lamps but didn’t know what they should look like. Back home in his native Netherlands, he teamed up with four design buddies for a bit of a brainstorm. As they pondered his idea, they arrived back at the original cordless lamp: the candle. But as simple and classic as the candle is, they wondered why there wasn’t a more modern alternative. What if there was a cleaner, safer, more sustainable substitute that still created that candlelit ambience?
And that’s when the team came up with the Humble One: the first energy-efficient, battery-powered lamp with a bulb that glows like the old-school incandescent type and is every bit as atmospheric as candlelight. We named ourselves ‘Humble’, after this small and friendly first design. 

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